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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Maryland and Baseball

OK, the family and I just got back from Maryland, where we were showing off Son #3 to the in-laws. Needless to say, they were happy grandparents, indeed! We also, all got sick and had a remarkably long drive back home. It was one that included a stop over in Norwalk, CT. Thank you, Norwalk, for being a nice place to hang out for an evening!

In the car we were talking for a while about baseball and the various regional team preferences. Much of CT, of course, is Yankees territory--which always shocks me--but I get over it as the highway bring me back to Red Sox Nation. However, we came upon a sticky question that we would like to have resolved...

Where are the Mets fans? Do they have any? I am thinking that they must as they manage to field a team every year and sell their tickets. In the past they have been quite good and may be again! However, I rarely see Mets gear in my travels so...what's up? Are there any Mets fans (other that Dad) who read this blog? Where do you live? NYC, perhaps?

Anyway, that is all that I can muster on this first day back, maybe I will post my Easter sermon...