I am a parish minister currently serving the Eliot Church of Natick MA. Eliot Church is a Community Church affiliated with the Unitarian Universalist Association and the United Church of Christ. Any statements made and postions held in "Unity," however, are solely mine(of course, they may be used with appropriate atribution). Therefore if you disagree, please do not blame the church!

Monday, June 19, 2006

No GA for Me

I am sitting here in front of my computer with a nice, cold ice-water thinking about my friends and colleagues who are zipping off to St. Louis today. I will miss hanging out with them for at least another year....

I used to go to General Assembly. I remember driving from Maine to Cleveland with our then two children (then 3 and about 3 months). Man, it was hot. We checked out the homes of Martin Van Buren and James Garfield on the way and then did some major socializing with our friends the Beckels whom we haven't seen in person since (alas! I hope they are well). I remember driving Son #1 up to Quebec from Maine (straight through the woods, Like Benedict Arnold). My son developped a love of mussels, cheese curd, and a tendency to throw up in restaurants when he got--in his words--"partied out". That was also the GA where I got to have tea right outside the walls of the city with Scott Wells and Scott Axford. What a pretty place!

Then, of course, came Boston when we slept on the floor of the Peirce/Scott's apartment in Medford. I believe #1 was partied out again, but we got to ride on the T and, check out all the fun things we could do when we moved to Natick two months later! Since then, nothing. Ah well, we have been busy what with Son #3 and my wife going to work full-time. Still, there is no better bonding experience than a week-long event in a fun city. I wish everyone well...

I should also note that, thanks to my dual standing in the UCC, I now miss meetings in two different theological contexts! This year I managed not to make it to the Mass. Conference Annual Meeting even though PeaceBang did!