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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Horatio II

It feels like I just blogged on this but then--in my paper and on the news--I have been treated to the hijinx of Representative Mark Foley. Others have posted on this before (see CC) and my opinion can, in general be read in a previous post with a similar title. However, it is worth pointing out that--once again--we see not just a case of inappropriate behavior from someone in power but also a case of others in power being quite willing to turn the other way to protect a buddy.

So, folks, does democracy work? Do we keep our elected representatives honest enough to see when there is a problem with someone in their club? Who are they ultimately loyal to? Is party loyalty the ultimate power? Is it the most important glue that holds us together? That would be too bad, particularly when one hopes that they would put their constituents first or even (dare I say it) the faith that so many seem willing to trot out when it seems expedient. Sexual harrassment is just plain wrong. It doesn't matter if it is Bill Clinton, Foley, or the shift manager at Stop N' Shop. Saying "don't do it again" is not enough. Taking responsibility for you actions to the point where a mistake isn't made in the first place; that would be nice.

I am praying today (as I do every day) for our country and for those who need and seek responsibility from those who have chosen to lead. I pray for the leaders, too that they might remember that they serve for more reasons than feeding their egos and obtaining a footnote in High School History Textbooks. Most, of course, do remember. I am thankful for this and hopeful that, with all that we see and hear going on in the world, we have learned a lesson about the uses and abuses of power.