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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Buster Update and More!

Above you will find an article from yesterday's NYT about the continued problems over at PBS. Buster is included, along with Bill Moyers as programs the conservatives find objectionable. ...Buster Baxter...Bill Moyers...two names I never expected to be seen together. Incidentally, the current host of NOW is the incomparable David Branccacio, who made economics fun on Public Radio with "Marketplace".

Now for some housekeeping, I have added some permanent links below and would like to introduce them briefly.

The Wittenburg Door: This is one of the nation's oldest and most respected religious satire magazines. It can be hard to make religion funny, but they do. More power to them for that! I talked about the door very early in my blogging career. That entry can be found in the archives for August. It is entitled "Ain't Religion Funny?" I hope to be funny some day, until then, there is the Door.

Ramble On is the weblog of my cousin Nate. He used to be such a little guy! Now he is in Korea teaching english. It is a broadening experience for him and, through his blog, for the rest of us. We're proud of him!

Socinian is the page of one Fausto, a fellow master of the long-form blog entry. He claims we haven't met, but I find his material enlightening...

I have also included links to a couple of cutting-edge PBS programs. It can be so inconvenient, after all,to not have the thoughts of Buster Baxter and David Branccacio at your fingertips. Maybe later I will also link to the powerful revisionist musings of Dr. Jimmy Neutron....