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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Gone Biking

It is July at last! This month marks, among other things, the very first anniversary of Unity! Well it sure has been fun hasn't it? Like last year, I am mostly off from work until August and am spending a great deal of it not on the computer. I find that, if I do this, then I have time for other pursuits, such as mountain biking.

My reading, as you have probably noted, departs a bit from the strictly religious (although not entirely--see the "biking link" above). One work I finished recently is Heft on Wheels by Mike Magnuson. It is more than a book about a guy getting in shape. It is about someone who completley transformed his life for the better through his somewhat obsessive passion for road bikes.

Also, the Tour De France is on OLN even as I write. I preached a sermon last summer about the tour, I will see if I can find it...