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Friday, June 10, 2005

Theorbo Playing

You will note a new permanent link entitled "My Favorite Theorbo Player"...

Many of my friends talk about their college years as if they were a stunning, sepia-tinted combination of Paper Chase, La Boheme, and Animal House. I am told they were intensely studious people who spent time being introspective and artistic while also participating in a now fondly remembered four-year party. Sure, the experience has probably improved with time and distance, but that is usually how the story goes.

However, when I was an undergraduate I had the dubious honor of attending four colleges in slightly less than four years. The reasons were economic, not academic, so stop snickering! Therefore, I seem to have fewer college memories like those of my peers and more of those in the line of relentless credit accumulation and transfer applications. Only once was I truly involved in the heady brew that the earlier works imply and the Animal House portion was primarily a vicarious one, provided by my neighbors, the University of Maine Hockey Team.

For my Junior year I lived in an apartment in Old Town, Maine with, at various times, two musicians and a writer. One of the musicians, Seth Warner was also a microbiologist of some fame who, legend has it, has a microbe named after him. Chris wrote novels. Kevin began a one-man quest to re-define the bass guitar. I was the boring one.

Anyway, Seth now lives in Falmouth, Maine and teaches 16th through 19th Century instrumental music. The theorbo is the instrument with the coolest name, but he also plays the lute, among other things. On June 16th at 2:00 pm, he is having a concert at First and Second Church in Boston (for non-Boston people, that is one church, not two). Why don't we go check him out? It is a Thursday. I can think of no better thing to do, actually...

One final note, Seth won't be playing the theorbo at the show, but the Vihuela!