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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Bad Blogger!

Well, I have been pretty quiet as of late and I need to do something about that. Margaret Nelson, my mother-in law and Unity fan has reminded me that I promised some text and haven't yet delivered. I'm sorry!

Today I will post my charge to Dave Miller. Tomorrow I will post the second (sort of) sermon in the "Art of Happiness" Series. It is "sort of" the second because I will post the version I gave on Memorial Day at Ruth Peirce's Dedication Service in Medford. Incidentally, pictures of that glorious event can be found here.

Speaking of glorious, it is the anniversary of The Glorious First of June! This being an epic sea battle of the Napoleonic Wars.

Also, if you haven't read the Socinian lately, you should. He has interesting things to say about the stem cell debate.

Finally, on the same day (the very same day) that Dave Miller was ordained, my good buddy from seminary days, the now Reverend Dave Scheunemann was also! Congrats to Dave! He a UU who does spiritual direction work, among other things, and lives in the great state of Washington. At the risk of sounding very New England, you should look him up if you are out that way! Congrats Dave!