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Friday, June 23, 2006

Summer Reading

Toady I am starting to write my last sermon before my July vacation. Summer services will continue but without my presence until I return in August. Needless to say, I am looking forward to some time "off" to reflect and prepare for next year. The addition of another child has left us all feeling a bit busier that usual and the absence of (most) church responsibilities should hopefully give the whole family a chance to get a bit more organized.

One thing that I am hoping to do this summer is read. What with all of the events at work and at home, most of my reading has been sermon-specific. A little branching out would be good. I am always concerned when I encounter a colleague who seems unaware of the world's developments and the nuances of our faith. I fear that, without some concentrated study, I could fall behind as well. My fellow bloggers, of course, do not help as they always seem to be right on track when it comes to matters of the heart and mind. Good job guys! I am in awe of your accomplishments.

This year I will be concentrating on the Gospel of Matthew and on develpoment of the theory of evolution. Here are some of the books I intend to read. I have started some and purchased others.

The Gospel of Matthew (Ya know, it is in the Bible)
Matthew by Ben Witherington III
A Heretic in Darwin's Court; The Life of Alfred Russell Wallace by Ross Slotten
Before Darwin: by Keith Thompson
Darwin's Mentor; John Stevens Henslow by S.M. Walters
Christology in American Unitarianism By Prescott Wintersteen

This is actually quite a bit of reading! Ever the optimist, however, I am willing to take suggestions...

The reason for sharing this list is because (as I do every summer) I try to use this blog to keep me accountable. Therefore, expect updates on my progress otherwise, alas, I will have failed...