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Monday, October 03, 2005

Oh My!

I just realized how long it has been since I posted on Unity! Things have been more than a bit hectic lately. Among other things, our Church/RE Administrator resigned and we are still looking for a new one. Anyone looking for work?

Last Sunday (not yesterday, but the week before) I went a preached at the Grosse Pointe Unitarian Church, where I interned some six years ago with the Rev. John Corrado. It was fun to be back. I also did a wedding for some old friends and visited Belle Isle and Pewabic Pottery. I also ate at the following restaurants: Fishbone's, Hong Hua, The Original Pancake House, and Hazel and Roberto's Coney Island. I recommend them all to anyone who has the opportunity to spend some time in Metro Detroit. In fact, I recommend that everyone find the time to spend there. Detroit is a fascinating place.

Finally, here is the history of American Coney Island, located in downtown Detroit. Check out the "Coney Island Kits" being billed as a fundraiser for schools and churches! American isn't the original (you can find that here) but is one of the most famous. I meant to visit it on ehtis trip but ran out of time! When I retire, I am going to open a Coney Island in some benighted place (like pretty much anywhere in New England). In a world that enforces uniformity, it is inspiring to know that there are still some regional delicacies.