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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Dave's Workshop: Studio Zero

Happy Independence Day! Here are a couple of pictures of swan boat ridin', multi-taskin' Fourth of July Revellers in Boston...

However, this post is about "Our Friend Dave".

Back in the day (seminary, that is). Dave ran a meditation group known as the "Loveshack Zendo". The name came from the apartment block we lived in. It was owned by the Lutheran Seminary but, for some reason (I think it had to do with Dave), we Congregationalist types referred to it as the Love Shack. Actually, for a brief time I was elevated from "Tea Boy" (the person who served tea during the tea ceremony part) to "Organizing Guy" (the person who leads the group in meditation) when Dave briefly departed for other lands. Fortunately, he returned to the Windy City before everything fell apart.

Every year we get to see Dave when he comes "off island" from his gig as the Chaplain for various Star Island retreats. Dave is a UU minister and, therefore, should be referred to as 'Reverend Dave" when the opportunity arises. This year on his visit he pointed out to us that his on-line meditation workshops we nearing completion! Therefore, I have linked to his Studio Zero internet ministry above and here. Check it out! Take it from Tea Boy: Dave is a great guy and a sensitive and effective spiritual teacher. He is also God Father to my eldest child, a task that I wouldn't entrust to just anyone!