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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Middlesex DA

I had a conversation with my dad--who fights the good fight over at Tierney's WebLag--about the Middlesex County DA's race. Sadly, I didn't know nearly as much as he. Quite possibly this is because I am not a former Attorney General. I'm not a lawyer, either, for that matter. Anyway, it does seem to be of interest to some folks because the DA of Middlesex often goes on to bigger and presumably better things at the state level. In particular, they become AG's of the Commonwealth. Therefore, it does make sense that we who live here might want to pay attention...

So, for all of you legal types who accidentally got here from my father's page (I know you're out there), I have included a list of Middlesex County's Villages and Farms (OK, the poem is here). Actually, I encourage everyone to come visit the county some time. This is quite the historic place, even if you aren't a prosecutor!

Also: Big happenings in Canada continue...