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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Moxie Day

Well, I have gotten very little reading in the past few days and I feel that, while I may emerge from my vacation relaxed and ready for the new year, I may not be any smarter.

I did go to a parade in honor of the Moxie Day holiday celebrated in my childhood home town of Lisbon Falls, ME. The holiday (as anyone who has been forced to spend too much time with me knows) honors the soft drink Moxie. Why is it in Lisbon? Well, that isn't really all that clear, actually...

I don't actually go for the beverage, which I drink occasionally but which would not prompt me to go to some random town to celebrate in any big way. I attend because my family is there and it is nice to go back from time to time. I do not recognize a whole lot of the folks there. After all, I have been gone for a while and most of the people I grew up with have moved on in order to pursue whatever dreams and goals they might have had. Still, it is nice to come back from time to time and there is no better time than the Moxie Festival.

I posted a couple of pictures for the viewing pleasure of all you who wish you were there. One is of the Moxie Horse. There are a few of these. I counted two this year (also, there is at least one horse of this variety). The other picture is of local troubadours "Kaining Amy". I thought they were named after their lead singer, but her name is Jamie...